25mm Venetian Blinds

25mm Venetian Blinds

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Australian Made 25mm Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Create a chic, uncluttered look for internal windows.

Privasee® Venetian blinds, a winner of a coveted Australian Design Award.

Privasee Venetian Blinds look beautiful from any angle and are the market leader when it comes to minimising light penetration. The secret lies in the way the slats are crimped, a technique exclusive to Uniline slats, which Intex proudly uses. This technique ensures a tighter fit when closed – a must in bedrooms, where darkness is required. Just as the name implies, Privasee Venetian Blinds deliver complete privacy. Privacy can be achieved on the home front, or in the office. As well as privacy, our venetian blinds also provide excellent sun protection.

Reduced heat and glare.

In addition to great privacy, venetian blinds have the added bonus of reducing your energy bills. Block the sun out in  summer and help insulate rooms for a warmer winter. Tilt the blades to obscure or reveal an outside view, or lift them up and away to enjoy a clear, unobstructed outlook.

Quality and durability.

Made from durable quality aluminium, the sleek Privasee 25mm slats come in a wide range of high-fashion colours and shades. No matter what style your interior, there is a slat colour or shade to suit.

Easy to use, our Privasee Venetian Blinds are raised or lowered by pulling on a polyester cord. Using the tilt rod when the blinds are down allows for easy adjusting. This gives users the control over light flow and ability to direct light as wanted.

Privasee Venetian Blinds are built to last and come with a five-year components warranty, for peace of mind. Child safety is also important at Intex Concepts. This is why our Privasee Venetians Blinds come with child safety devices.

Key Points about Privasee Venetian Blinds

5 Year Warranty

Privasee Double Glazed Venetians

For even greater energy efficiency, consider Privasees Double Glazed Venetians. Popular in commercial premises or larger homes where heating and cooling costs can be astronomical, these blinds provide more of a buffer against sun and glare. Great for windows that are more exposed to the elements.
Provence Sustainable


Sourced from Sustainable Plantations


[ High Quality Craftsmanship ]

Built with Care & Passion

Privasee Venetian Blinds | Colour Range

Privasee® Venetian Blinds are available in 31 different colours.
Contact Intex Concepts Customer Service for more information.

Darks and Greys (9)

Matt Black
Mid Grey
Grey Sheen
Light Stone

Earths (7)

Light Bison

Whites (9)

Warm White
Egg Shell
White Satin
White Gloss
White Snow

Metallics (6)

Bright Steel
Bright Grey
Satin Steel
Bright Silver
Bright Sterling
Matt Steel

*Please note that colours may vary depending on your screen and only be used as a guide. Intex Concepts colour swatches and images are for reproduction purposes only.

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