Rollease Acmeda Motors and Automation

Rollease Acmeda Motors and Automation

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Rollease Acmeda

Rollease Acmeda - innovation in windows furnishing blind motorisation and automation technology.

(Available in New Zealand)

Smart home motorisation and automation
by Rollease Acmeda

Smart Home automation is now part of our everyday life and it will only get better. With more and more applications of motorisation and automation becoming available, its time to embrace this exciting technology and apply it to your blinds today.

Rollease Acmeda gives you the power to accurately control your blinds from anywhere at any time. You can even set schedules or scenes to operate your blinds. Whether you’re at home or away, you have the control. To make life even more convenient, you can set up multiple hubs in multiple locations and control everything from one central account. This system even gives you the ability to check the health of your battery-operated motors.

You can achieve all this through the Rollease Acmeda Automate™ Pulse Hub and smartphone app. This hub and smart app are streamlined, simple to use and feature-rich enhancing your experience in every room.

and enjoy a more comfortable lifestyle by introducing motorisation to your blinds.

You can easily connect and automate your Rollease Acmeda roller blind motor using the Automate™ Pulse Hub. Simply configure motorised roller blinds together to create groups and take blind control to the next level.

If you want a set and forget solution, look no further then adding the Automate™ Solar Panel. Adding a solar panel to charge your battery-operated blind motors ensures operation on demand every time. 

If you want a more simple solution, look at utilising Paradigm Remote Controls. Available in single and multiple channel options. The multi-channel remote gives you the ability to control blinds in groups and individually.

Options available for roller blind motorisation includes our 3 Rollease Acmeda motors. We have 1.1Nm, 2.0Nm and 3.0Nm battery operated motors to choose from. Each Rollease Acmeda wireless battery operated motor has been equipped with long-life rechargeable batteries.

Please contact our team for more information on 09 953 5059

Rollease Acmeda
Battery Operated 3.0Nm Motor.


Rollease Acmeda
Battery Operated 2.0Nm Motor.


Rollease Acmeda
Battery Operated 1.1Nm Motor.


Rollease Acmeda - Control Options

The Automate

The heartbeat of the Automate™ smart home experience.

With wi-fi built-in, simply plug in where convenient and connect to the local wireless network. Automate™ configured blinds can be then controlled from your smartphone/tablet or integrated within a whole home control system.

Paradigm Remote Controls
1 Channel  |  15 Channels

Simple remote operation with great features.

Paradigm remotes feature a contemporary design with touch-sensitive controls. Available in single and fifteen channel models, Paradigm remotes are compatible with all Rollease Acmeda ARC motors. The 15 Channel Remote comes LCD screen.

Automate Solar Panel

Rollease Acmeda Solar Panel

Rollease Acmeda Automate™ Solar Panel is the ultimate set and forget solution for battery-powered motorised blinds. Our rechargeable battery-powered motors require no electrical wiring or complicated installation.

The Automate™ Solar Panel provides a cordless power solution that generates electricity with a Solar Panel located in the window behind the shade.

The Solar Panel absorbs direct and indirect sunlight particles. The solar panel then converts this energy to electricity and continuously charges the blind motor battery.

Rollease Acmeda is compatible with our:

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