Whitehaven PVC Shutters

Whitehaven PVC Shutters

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High Quality Internal PVC Shutters

A superior internal PVC Shutter, where we focus on quality and value.

Whitehaven PVC Shutters are a premium shutter extruded from high quality PVC. All blades and stiles are reinforced with aluminium inserts. As a result, Whitehaven has more durability, strength and stability than other cheaper PVC shutters. Whitehaven PVC shutters are skillfully constructed using both mortice and tenon joints and screws to ensure product longevity – this is backed by our 10 Year Finished Product Warranty.


Whitehaven PVC shutters are also unaffected by moisture, heat and humidity. This is due to the water and heat resistant properties of PVC. Easily cleaned with a damp cloth, Whitehaven is a leading choice for its diverse applications throughout the home. Suitable for any room in the house, including bathrooms and kitchens. Whitehaven is also perfect for creating room dividers in larger areas.


An aesthetic, modern internal shutter, Whitehaven provides privacy while giving you the ability to control light and airflow into a room. Create a luxurious barrier that enhances and adds value to your property. Plantation shutters are one of the only window furnishings seen to have this positive affect.

Don’t misunderstand PVC. Cheap PVC shutters can be detrimental to your health and your health matters. That’s why only high quality PVC shutters should be used in your home. It is about what is on the inside that makes the difference.

Whitehaven PVC Shutters are made from high quality ‘non-toxic’ PVC which do not omit volatile organic compounds (VOC) or harmful emissions. Therefore, this makes them safe for the whole family. Whitehaven PVC Shutters are perfect for all domestic and commercial uses.

Available in 4 colours, add sophistication and style while bringing elegance into any room, while adding great insulation benefits in window applications.

Key Points about Whitehaven PVC Shutters

Child Safe
10 Year Warranty
Riviera AL - Non Toxic


Non-Toxic PVC Shutters

Water Resistant


Perfect for Kitchens & Bathrooms

Flush Bolt

Internal Shutter Flush Bolts

Our modern and stylish Flush Bolts are available for Intex Concepts internal shutters to lock hinged or bi-fold shutter panels in place.

Fitted with a sliding bolt, flush bolts are rebated into the top or bottom of the front face of the stile.

Available in: Silver Brushed Aluminium

Whitehaven PVC Shutters | Colour Range

Arch White
Ultra White
Pure White
Bright White

*Please note that colours may vary depending on your screen and only be used as a guide. Intex Concepts colour swatches and images are for reproduction purposes only.

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